Unicorn Frap Madness

So I'm definitely not big on trends and I'm usually the last to find out about anything. Most often when it's no longer a trend. However, I've been working with Miss Eunice who is so up to date and internet savvy. She actually told me about this Starbucks Unicorn Frap 4 days ago when we were in LA!! She was like OMG we have to try it!!!!!! I was like *shrugs* looks very pink. She predicted the next trend! *gasp*

We finally had a minute after my shoot yesterday so I caved in and gave it a try. She was like a kid in a candy shop. I wish you guys could have seen how truly happy she was. I haven't met a girl who loves sugar and unicorns as much as Eunice. Too cute, I gave her a hard time but here's how it went. Have you participated in the Unicorn Frappuccino Armageddon? 

Yay or nay?