Better to try and fail than to never try at all

I guess it was ambitious to think I'd be able to blog every day. I went strong for almost 2 months. I was devastated I missed a post. But I was so exhausted I just couldn't write anything. I opened my computer and fell asleep before typing anything out. 

But missing one post was dangerous, I missed one and then another and then another. Subconsciously I had been so consistent because I didn't want to "break" the record but once I did, it was like it all spiraled down hill. It's almost like "working out", I'm always really good for a few weeks, then I miss one day and a week will pass with no trips to the gym. Then I'm basically starting all over.

Does this ever happen to you? 

It happens to me quite often but I think that's okay, some might consider it failing but at least I tried. No one's perfect. Better to blog and go to the gym for three weeks and take a break than to never do it at all, right?

I'm currently in Boston, I've been recording music and working on some covers for you guys. I love music so much, it's nice to be back in the studio.  But I really miss home. I miss Chewy, maybe it's this cold rainy weather but I feel extra home sick. 

I've also been quite preoccupied because I'm speaking at Boston University tomorrow. I've rewritten my speech about 17 times. I don't know why but I'm so nervous. I frequently have 1-2 hour talks at Universities but they're generally a very casual format, moderated and a lot of q&a's. But tomorrow's event is formal, an open stage and just me for 20-30 minutes. *panic* I also have to wear a dress and heels. *gasp* Basically everything's out of my comfort zone.   

Anyways, I'll let you know how it goes. I should probably be sleeping or rewriting my speech for the 18th time, it's already 1am. Goodnight. 

Photography by Robby M

Photography by Robby M

Wish me luck and please pray it goes well. Thank you.