Stuck in Syracuse

I found out yesterday that some of my friends who've never shown any interest in my work, YouTube channel or Teenwolf have been enjoying my blog! I find that oddly comforting. One friend said growing up is a beautiful thing to witness... I guess I am sharing my growth and life with you here on a much more intimate level.

Random, I know, but thanks for reading old friends and new. 

I'm stuck at the Syracuse airport at the moment because our flight keeps getting delayed. First it was 10 minutes, then 30, now it's an hour and a half. I don't mind the delay, I just wish they would have told us from the beginning it was going to be an hour and a half instead of teasing us along the way.

I know some people might like that feeling of thinking it's going to happen soon, but it drives me nuts. 

I honestly prefer when a restaurant says the wait is 40 minutes and it turns out to be only 20. It's like a pleasant surprise! Or when a friend says they'll be 30 minutes late but they're only 20 minutes late. I always feel like that's way better than a friend saying, hey sorry, I'm running 5 minutes late. Then 10 minutes later they say So sorry, 5 more minutes, so much traffic. This has happened to me where I waited at a restaurant for a friend who ended up being 45 minutes late but basically said 5 minutes 5 or 6 times in the duration of that time. Of course the best option is - being on time. But it happens, life happens. 

Honestly, delays happen all the time so it's not that big of a deal. I fly so often I've experienced it all. Being stuck at the airport all day isn't fun but it definitely happens. The thing that irritates me is that it looks like I'm going to miss my connecting flight in Chicago and all other flights to Los Angeles today are sold out. I really wanted to go home and see Chewy, but is it bad that I got excited I get to eat Portillos and Pot Belly's in Chicago? 

I was just there a few days ago but 2-3 days just isn't enough. I barely got to eat all of my favorite foods while I was in Chicago! 

I know I said I was only posting videos on Tuesday's and Friday's but now I'm going to do my best to post on Sunday's as well! I just love sharing what I'm working on and it's too hard to be patient. Here's one of the videos I shot in Chicago this week! 

I love Coldplay, their music is so nostalgic for me. When I heard Corinne Bailey Rae's version of it, it was another level of excitement for this song. I knew I had to cover it. 

I got to work with Ann Chung on this one (I talked about her in my vlog before, she's the amazing singer who also has been giving me voice lessons). She arranged all the harmonies for me and taught me how to do it! I'm naturally not very good at harmonies, I barely hear them, so it's really hard for me to do it on my own. I'm so thankful she helped me on this one because I think it adds something special to the song! 

It was also great to work with Touacha again. Incase you don't remember him, we worked together last year on my single called Take it Off.  

Anyways, I hope you're having a good Sunday. If not, just think, you could be sitting at the airport twiddling your thumbs waiting all day like me. Go out and get some sun, enjoy the day!