Jumping Around

Whenever I try to take a photo of Chewy she looks away but anytime someone is taking a photo of me, she needs to be right in front of me to get in the shot. It's hilarious. Especially when I'm at home self taping an audition or filming a video, she'll walk right into frame. Silly girl. 

Yes dear?

I believe I was like "please move Chewy, mommy is trying to shoot some jumping photos". 

"Oh yea? Look at meeee, I can jump!" - Chewy 

We shot a couple snaps but then I ended up just playing with Chewy. 

Here's one attempt. Looks like I'm getting beat up by some unknown force. 

This is me trying to fly and regretting all the pizza I ate. 

Trying to sit cross legged in the air isn't an easy task. 

Also, these were not photoshopped to make it look like I was jumping higher than I actually was. Key to jumping photos? Ask your photographer, nicely, to get as low as he or she can! All about the angle baby! 

Photo Credit: Robby M