National Puppy Day

Chewy isn't a puppy anymore, she just turned 4 on March 7th but she's still a puppy at heart so today will be dedicated to Kween Chewy. 

She always has a certain strut to her walk. Like she's got places to be, people to see. 

I was shooting photos at Hermosa beach with Robby M when Chewy decided to just plop right in front. Typical of her, she is naturally the star of my life. 

I mean seriously, look at this shot. The wind so perfectly blowing against her fur. That deep gaze into the distance. There's just so much depth and feel to her expression. A true model. I have much to learn. 

She's always so calm & collected. I admire her grace. 

Here I am politely asking Chewy to move. I love you but you really do steal the spotlight from me. Every day. Kween Chewy? Excuse me?

She's now busy checking out the hottie tottie doggies on the beach. This girl, I just can't...

Wander free my little explorer. Happy National Puppy Day.