Just keep swimming

Sometimes you just gotta keep on swimming, like Dory from Finding Nemo. Don't give up. Even when you feel discouraged and exhausted. Just a little hope and strength can go a long way. There are a lot of moments I feel like giving up as well, you're not alone. These days I'm trying to fill my life with more positives, this industry can be so discouraging. But I'm trying to focus on the positives and have a better attitude. Nothing good comes from holding onto past mistakes and focusing on the negatives in your life. Brush it off and move on. It's going to be okay. 

I'm actually quite forgetful like Dory, people still joke and say I remind them of Dory. But I'm definitely not as happy go lucky as she is. I wish I could have more of her carefree energy and attitude. I wonder if that can be learned or if it's just a personality trait you're born with. 

Music always makes me feel better. Especially groovy songs like this make me want to dance and smile. I love recording music for you guys and sharing the songs I love. Music is the voice of my soul. Hope you enjoy.