Intimate with food

Sharing food is probably one of the most intimate things you can do with a person without getting physical. I know this may sound weird but I feel like food connects you. We need food for survival but something about food when it's communal is very special. Every holiday the center of attention - at least in my life - is food. If I love you and you're a friend in my life, most likely you've been to my house and I've cooked you a meal. Hosting potlucks or having people over for bbq feeds my soul! I love sharing food with the people I love and I love feeding those I love! I know I can't physically feed all of you or cook each and every single one of you a meal. But I recently started a FOOD EDITION of ARDENVENTURES because I thought the next best thing would be to share my favorite restaurants and favorite types of cuisines with all of you!

I've started off with a handful of my "go to spots in Los Angeles", the first two spots in the video above are actually places I often go alone to read scripts, work on emails and grab a quick bite between meetings. I have friends who swear they could never go to a restaurant alone but I really don't mind eating alone, especially in a cafe environment, I find it helps me concentrate. When I'm traveling for work it's not rare that I find myself in a new city alone, which gives me a great opportunity to venture and discover new gems. It was scary at first but I suppose it grew on me. 

Every relationship in my life, whether it's on a  friendship level or a romantic level, involves food. You might not even notice how much food connects you with someone else. Our hearts long for community and friendship as much as our bodies long for food. Maybe that's what makes it intimate? I recently read a meme online that said  'Relationships are just two people constantly asking eachother what they want to eat until one of them dies'. I find this to be hilarious. That's obviously not the only thing a relationship is about but it's definitely a big part. Relationships take a lot of time and the older you get the busier life seems to get. But no matter how busy you are, you can usually find time to share a meal with someone because we all have to eventually stop working to eat and we make time for the people we love! 

Someone recently commented that they were reading my blog during their breakfast and it made me smile because I felt like we were sharing a meal. It genuinely makes me happy to share my favorite spots with my friends and take them to new restaurants I discover so I hope this series can be the same for you. 

I've only shared 6 FOOD EDITION videos so far but I'll be traveling to Chicago & New York to share some of my favorite meals in the cities I frequently travel to!